Ms. Elite Cosmos

Denice Jarrett

All about Denice…..

Denice is currently the Mrs. Elite Cosmos International Queen.  She won a presidential volunteer award from President Trump in 2019 and received a hero acknowledgement award for American Airlines for saving a pilots life doing CPR.

She is very proud of her accomplishments but the one thing she is most proud of is being the mother to her daughter Levin and son Cole.

She works as a flight attendant for American Airlines.  Wherever she is away working overnight, she tries to spend her spare time visiting children advocacy centers in the city she is stationed.  She also often visits police stations and fire stations continuing the legacy of former Miss Cosmos, Katie Modes, “Feeding the Fearless”.  Denice consideres it a blessing to be able to share her platform with people all over the United States.

Denice has brought much knowledge about child abuse everywhere she goes.  She has recieved many thanks for being a voice for those who didn’t have their own voice.  Her platform extends services in the community to help change peoples lives for the better and give them hope.

Denice gives all my credit to God.  She has met and worked with so many incredible people to promote her Philanthropy.  

2020 Memories

Traveled to Bristol VA and TN to have a shoot with my sister queens.

Modeling for Juan Carlos Pinera at the 2020 Crown Garland Fall Expo in Abingdon, VA.

“Apply today, fly away with me and let me crown you, the next Ms. Elite Cosmos International in beautiful Jamaica, October 2021!”