Mrs. Cosmos

Samantha Abraham

All about Samantha…..

Samantha Abraham is a woman of great intellect and impeccable character that is a representation of who she is and shines forward through her work as a CEO, blogger, etiquette stylist, mentor, youth leader, pageant queen, church leader, youth choir director, youth Sunday school & choir directorcharity foundation patron, magazine publisher and writer of a children’s book 

She’s a woman of great strength and exceptional fortitude. That is why she has been able to take on and do so much while still being a mother and a wifeIt is written in the Bible, first John 2 and verse 14 where God says He is calling young people because they are strong.  Mrs. Abraham falls in that category and has obviously yielded that call. 

Samantha is selective to the professions and events she involves herself with. Although individuals may see her as a protagonist, others can always rest assured that they will not be seen as being any less than she is. This is because her many achievements usually take the growth of others into consideration as well as excellence. 

Grace, charm, humility, dignity, decency and decorum are six of the pillars on which her life rests and have always acted as a driving force behind her many achievements. In addition to being a driving force, those pillars are also a central part of who she truly is and what she ultimately represents.  

Through hard work and divine research with a servant’s heart, Samantha Abraham reigns as the current Mrs. Cosmos International 2020 standing as a beacon of light as a shining example for everyone – especially with women. She is an excellent role model who has positioned herself as a youth leader and mentor to those who are crying out for leadership. 

Being the kindhearted individual that she is, she has founded her plat form organization called Manners Matter Project which is dedicated to supporting the success of women and others to be the leaders of tomorrow. This further compliments her work as a life etiquette instructor and mentor which has seen her positively impacting the lives of many people. 

Standing tall as an individual of strengthen for others to emulate, Samantha is a person who strongly lives her life in the service to others. This is done while honing her own skills and making her presence felt through her business, charitable work, speaking engagements, authorship and church leadership.  

Through her Manners Matter ProjectSamantha is valiant in exhibiting her sense of style and dedication to today’s youth, young adults and women. She is a poised, graceful and eloquent not just in her etiquette, but as a speaker, who helps to build character and mold the lives of people around her through her conferences and symposiums.  

Samantha is a true leader and social entrepreneur who positively touches the lives of the people and empowers them to achieve their full potential. In short, her life represents the true epitome of who a civil and resourceful human being should be and is worth emulating. It is time to connect, inspire and empower!  

2020 Memories

Traveled to Bristol VA and TN to have a shoot with my sister queens.

Modeling for Juan Carlos Pinera at the Crown Garland Fall Expo in Abingdon, VA.

“Apply today and let me crown you, the next Mrs. Cosmos International in beautiful Jamaica, October 2021! Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay to have a moment of uncertainty about life. It’s just a transformative period to find your purpose.