Jr. Miss Cosmos

Sevyn Harrold

All about Sevyn…..

Sevyn EmmaRose Harrold is 11 years old and will start middle school this year. Sevyn is active in her community and started her own community service platform in 2015 in honor of her late uncle. She collects hot and cold beverages for soup kitchens, children’s homes and homeless shelters. 

Sevyn also dances competitively and plays volleyball, basketball and travel softball. She also sings the national anthem at sporting events. 

2020 Memories

Made a stop at the Catherine Barber Homeless Shelter with some coffee and hot chocolate last night!

“2020 Acrown Above Christmas Party in Charlotte, NC.”

“Apply today and let me crown you, the next Jr. Miss Cosmos International in beautiful Jamaica, October 2021!”