Jr. Miss Cosmos

Victoria “Tori” Robinson

All about Tori…..

Hello, my name is Victoria Robinson, your 2021 Jr. Miss Cosmos International. Most everyone calls me Tori. I am 14 years old, live in Winston Salem, NC with my mom and dad and attend North Davidson Middle School where I love to cheer on the Black Knights as a cheerleader and hope to play volleyball this year. I also have a big brother who I adore who lives in Raleigh, NC. I am very busy outside of school as well. I love playing competitive volleyball and working with my personal trainer. When I am not participating in sports, my other passion is giving back to the community. When I was in the first grade, I created my own non-profit organization, Tori’s Lemon-Aide. Please hop on over and visit my facebook page, Tori’s Lemon-AIDE https://www.facebook.com/Toris-Lemon-AIDE-1810791359057762/ and check it out. I sell lemonade and accept monetary donations to support my platform, Fighting Childhood Hunger.

When realizing at only seven years old that I may have friends that I know who didn’t know where they would get their next meal, I decided that I wanted to help. It started with a conversation with my school principal who allowed me to have a food drive at school. In the past several years, we have traveled around with my stand and have been able to contribute over 10,000 pounds of food to community outreach centers and blessing boxes. This past year, I was so very happy to build and donate a beautiful Blessing Box to my middle school and continue to monitor and fill it up every week. Giving back to the community is very important to me and I am so very honored to say that I have earned six Presidential Volunteer Service Awards given by the President of the United States.

My goal is to partner with organizations around the world to bring awareness to childhood hunger and encourage others to give back to their communities to help fight childhood hunger. Food insecurity is a national problem and I feel that no one should go hungry. I am very excited to partner with Fostering Faith Foundation to provide community outreach to foster children. I serve as a junior Board Member and enjoy the important work of providing Christmas gifts to foster children each year. Please check out our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fosteringfaithfoundation/ to see how you can help as well. I am very proud to be able to use my international title to reach people around the world to bring awareness to childhood hunger and the need for support to foster children. I hope to also encourage people of all ages, young or old to be involved in their community service and am proud to promote the Cosmos International system who supports my platform through Cosmos Cares. I look forward to an amazing year with the Cosmos system and can’t wait to see where my journey leads.

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