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As an official certifying organization of the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards, Crown Garland proudly awards and supports our titleholders in making an impact in their communities globally. Whether it be through our support of the Association of Child Life Professionals or causes supporting education, we are focused on making a difference, one crown at a time.

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Cosmos Intenational Pageants

About Cosmos International Pageants

The Miss Cosmos Pageant is said to have begun in 1951. The winner was a beauty from Argentina who bested 23 other contestants at the Miami Beach Auditorium, now known as the Jackie Gleason Theatre. The competition went on until 1965 with beauties from all over the world competing for the prestigious title before the pageant disappeared from popular culture. This competition was almost always held outside of the United States, thus making it a truly international competition event for misses all over the world. It was not very well known in the US. However, in 2018, Crown Garland LLC purchased the pageant and marks and began the rebranding and relaunch of the pageant.

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International Divisions

Ages as of January 1st



Ladies ages 20-29

Never married and never given birth


Ladies ages 20 & up

Must currently be married.  May or may not have had children.


Ladies ages 20 & up

Must currently be single.  Does not qualify for Miss or Mrs.  May or may not have had children.

elements of Competition

Miss | Mrs. | Ms.


Evening Gown – 40%

Poise, Beauty, and Confidence are what our judges are looking for during this portion of our competition. Delegates are required to wear an evening gown that touches the floor in some way.

Interview – 20%

Each delegate will participate in a press conference-style interview in front of a panel of judges. Each interview will last 3 minutes and will allow the judges to see how each delegate handles herself with ever-changing questions and reacting in the moment under pressure.

Swimsuit – 30% 

Each delegate will compete on stage in a swimsuit to showcase her confidence and physical fitness.


On-Stage Question – 10%

The top 5 in each division will compete in a final on-stage question that will account for the final 10% of her score to determine the winner. Delegates will be given 30 seconds to answer the question given at random.

urgent please read!


We are the representatives of Miss Cosmos International Inc., a US-based organization that specializes in international beauty pageants. We would like to express our sincere concern and strong objection to the recent unethical conduct of Unimedia, a prominent company in the field of organizing beauty contests in Vietnam.


Miss Cosmos International Inc. owns and manages the International events, which includes the Miss Cosmos Contest and other related events. The Miss Cosmos Contest has a long history, dating back to 1951, and our mission is titleholders visions and platfoms, empowering them to bring their passions to the forefront using their titles.


However, we are alarmed by the actions of Unimedia. They have used the name “Miss Cosmo Vietnam” for their contest, clearly intending to copy and exploit the reputation of “Miss Cosmos International”. This action not only confuses and misleads the public, but also harms the brand and intellectual property of our contest, which has existed for a long time.


Moreover, according to our investigation, Unimedia continues to use the name “Hoa Hau Hoan Vu Vietnam”, even though they have lost the rights to “Miss Universe”. This action shows not only stubbornness, but also disrespect for the uniqueness and value of the brands of recognized contests.


The most shocking thing is that Unimedia has announced plans to organize an international contest called “Miss Cosmo International”, a name that is almost identical to “Miss Cosmos International”. This is a deliberate and blatant action, aimed at creating confusion and obscuring the international beauty industry, while deceiving the public and stealing the reputation of our Miss Cosmos International contest.


Previously, they approached us with the intention of buying the Miss Cosmos International Contest. However, instead of making a deal, they decided to organize a contest with a similar name. This action only reveals their motives and dubious behavior more clearly. All the evidence for this is compiled in the link below:


The facts we have presented are clear proof that Unimedia does not care about the legal and ethical consequences of their actions. This is regrettable and raises doubts about their commitment to the principles of fair competition, integrity of the beauty industry, and respect for the achievements of long-standing brands.


Unimedia’s contest, “Hoa Hau Hoan Vu Vietnam – Miss Cosmos Vietnam”, is a shameless combination of two famous international brands, Miss Universe and Miss Cosmos, both of which are US brands with a long history. We urge your Ministry to consider conducting an investigation into this issue and emphasize the importance of establishing ethical standards and protecting intellectual property and brands of long-standing contests.


We encourage all those who support beauty and fairness in contests to stand up against these unethical behaviors and call on national regulators not to support this dishonest organization. Unimedia’s actions not only tarnish the reputation of the beauty industry, but also may affect the reputation of Vietnam, a country that is striving to become a symbol of law and international cooperation.


Furthermore, these actions also negatively affect the investment environment for foreign investors in Vietnam, which may make them feel insecure in their business activities in this country. This action weakens the trust in the business ethics and legal compliance of Vietnamese companies, threatening economic development. If your Ministry needs additional information or wishes to have a deeper discussion on this issue, we are ready to cooperate.


Sincerely, On behalf of Miss Cosmos International Inc.


Stephanie Williams


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